GAA Glove Survey Results

Some very interesting results from research carried out by our sister site gaa-dna.
Highlights again the potential fundraising available to GAA clubs from their club branded gloves.
We can help ensure clubs optimise this annual income stream.

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Most Important Factors when choosing GAA Gloves

We were surprised at this result. We would have expected grip to be the most important factor when choosing gloves.

Obviously fit and comfort while playing are as important and a key concern in choosing your gloves.

It seems Price, brand, design and colour are off little importance in selection.

85% of Gaelic Footballers state their gloves are essential kit

Would you consider buying a €50.00 pair of gloves with exceptional grip?

We were not expecting much of a response to this question and again surprised at the responses.

67% of Gaelic Footballers would consider purchasing a €50 pair of gloves!!

87% of senior Gaelic Footballers buy at least 2 pair of GAA Gloves per year!

Would you consider changing the gloves you wear the next time you purchase GAA Gloves?

96.3% of Gaelic Footballers who responded stated that to some extent they would consider changing the gloves they use while playing!

This is an important statistic for clubs and highlights the potential for your members to wear club gloves and increase club funding every year.

67% of Gaelic Footballers only purchase Gaelic gloves online

Chart showing what respondents are prepared to pay for Gaelic Football gloves

88% of Gaelic Footballers are prepared to pay €14.99 or more for their Gaelic Football Gloves!

68% of Gaelic Footballers state that gloves wearing out quickly is the major criticism with all GAA Gloves

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